There are doctors, nutritionists and scientists who are successfully reversing, supposedly irreversible, diseases! They help people get off statin drugs and reverse diabetes. Patients resolve anxiety, dissolve gallstones without surgery, walk again after being in a wheel chair with MS, reverse thyroid conditions like Grave’s Disease and even return to work after having to leave due to Alzheimers.

I relentlessly study the methods of these effective healers by scouring blogs, podcasts, scientific studies, videos, news reports and social media. Then I sum their findings for you in my blog and in the Wellness Repair Plan.

The purpose of this plan is to help you optimize your endocrine, adrenal, immune and nervous systems. When you adjust nutrition to repair those systems, weight loss occurs rapidly without hunger or food cravings. Conditions, like acne, allergies and rheumatoid arthritis, go away. Your mood improves. You enjoy the best mental clarity of you life! And that thing you feel a calling to do, the one that fuels your why… you’ll get to do that longer.

Ready? Just begin working your way through the brief chapters. For a jump start, be sure to download the free checklists at the bottom of the page.

Free checklists


    A handy reference for the first month. This checklist brings together the recommendations of many functional medicine doctors and scientists, some of which charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for this same information.

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