Does this sound like you?

  • You read about wellness and fitness all the time. You’re interested!  You feel like eating nutrient-dense, real food is probably the right thing for you, but you have been putting it off because you’re afraid to give up what you love.
  • Your weight, poor physical fitness and various aches and pains point to the need for a change… and at your age, you know there’s trouble coming if you don’t get on board.
  • You’ve learned that conditions like acne, excess weight, poor sleep, cravings and brain fogginess can be reversed with diet, but you basically feel okay and are not sure if you feel bad enough.
  • Then you start comparing. “I eat much better than many”, you tell yourself . “AND….I like my sugar and dairy! And, did I mention the 101 reasons I don’t have time to exercise? It’s so hard when my family brings me pie. I think I’m broken.”

That’s me in the pictures


Jeff Apthorp - Wellness Repair


Hi, I’m Jeff.  Perhaps like you, I have watched helplessly as loved ones lost a lifetime of labor and wisdom to disease. Some had their minds taken by dementia or Alzheimers. Others had their bodies taken by diabetes, Parkinson’s or cancer.

I was headed down the same road. It seemed to me like I was sentenced to be overweight, have allergies, feel cranky, struggle with acne and forget why I walked into a room. It was genetics. Happens to everyone.

Then I Learned…

There are doctors, nutritionists and scientists who are successfully reversing, supposedly irreversible, diseases!  Their patients get off statin drugs, thyroid medication, insulin shots and chemotherapy. At the same time, demoralizing health conditions like extra weight, IBS, acid reflux, acne, allergies, arthritis and brain fog disappear completely.

I relentlessly study the methods of these effective healers by scouring blogs, podcasts, scientific studies, videos, news reports and social media. Then I sum their findings for you.

This blog exists to help people with important callings enjoy additional decades of clear thought, mobility and joy.

Here’s the first step

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A little more about me

I’ve spent the last few decades in Christian radio, with a specialty in IT and audio engineering. I am blessed with a wonderful family that includes three young adult children, and we all love God.

I’m a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation because their mission of being activists for food freedom resonates with me.

I also enjoy serial-watching Star Trek (any series), hearing a well-tuned piano and slipper socks.

I would love to get to know YOU!  Please hop on to my Facebook feed and join the conversation or send an email to

Live long and well!


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